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The Choco-Latte Cafe is the ONLY place to get a taste of the delicous Lady Jane's Cupcakes!

Lady Jane's Cupcakes are baked in small batches, using the finest ingredients to ensure perfection in every bite. And just like the Choco-Latte Cafe, our concept is 'Build Your Own'. You tell us what you want, and we'll make it happen. 

Cupcakes: $2.50/each or $28/dozen

Jumbo Cupcakes: $3.50/each or $40/dozen

Cupcake Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, lemon, strawberry, french vanilla

Frosting Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, coffee, mint, marshmellow

Customer Favorites:

        S'mores Cupcake - Chocolate cupcake topped with a marshmellow buttercream frosting, grahmn crackers, and a little piece of chocolate

       Choco-Latte Cupcake - chocolate cupcake topped with a coffee buttercream frosting and a chocolate covered espresso bean

        Andes Mint Cupcakes - chocolate cupcake topped with a mint buttercream frosting and a Andes Mint 

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